WWII Memories of Frank Dennis Gent

RIP Frank Dennis gent

It is with great sadness that I inform you of my father's sudden and unexpected death, on Sunday 17th March, 2019 as a result of a tragic accident in his home. After a bad year healthwise he was better than he had been in ages...we had planned a trip to Monte Cassino in May with the British Legion as part of the 75th Anniversary commemorations of the Italy Campaign. He was coming to stay with me in Fuerteventura again as at long last his health permitted it. I am devastated. I was not ready to say goodbye to my hero just yet...but I do not think I ever would have been.


 I hope that he is united with the love of his life, his Titi, our Mamà, Fulvia Schiff.  I hope that right now he is having a good old chat with his lifelong friend and comrade, Eric Beal. 


Rina Gent